Our mission is to improve human health by delivering nutritious meals to businesses at fast-food prices.

This is our
founder Steven

On the summit of Mount Everest.
Two years earlier he had cancer.
What helped him beat cancer, was eating healthy.

At Farmstand, we believe nutritious food needs to be priced the same as fast-food so it can be affordable for everyone. 

Our founder grew up working-class and is also a cancer survivor so every aspect of our business was designed to make nutritious meals accessible to all. 

We chef-prepare Farmstand-branded meals efficiently, price them affordably according to the post/zipcode, and then deliver them to businesses who sell them to their customers (who just need to reheat our meals - that’s it!). 

Our goal is deliver everywhere including to businesses in underserved communities and food deserts with almost no access to nutritious food. 

Farmstand is the digital McDonald's of nutritious meals.

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