Finally - fresh, healthy meals in minutes that don’t cost the earth

£5 per meal
5 minutes to heat
0 added sugar
0 waste
£5 per meal | 5 minutes to heat
0 added sugar | 0 waste

How this works

You want healthy and indulgent convenience. So that’s why we’ve created Farmstand: properly healthy, fresh ready-to-eat meals for a fiver.

35 meals to choose from: veggie, vegan, fish and meat. All ingredients are 100% sustainably-sourced.

Each meal comes as 3 separate pouches: main + base + side. So you can also mix & match and create-you-own meal with over 1000 combinations.

Delivered to your doorstep with the most planet-friendly footprint in the business (we're a Certified B Corp too!).

Choose your meals

Covering plant-based to sustainably-sourced meat & fish, we've got 35 dishes to choose from for only £5 each and come as individual main + base + side.

Get them delivered

We deliver every Monday. Weekly or Bi-weekly – we'll fit around you.

Heat at home or work

Heat your restaurant-quality meal on a stove in as little as 5 minutes or 3 minutes in a microwave.

Eat & enjoy!

Enjoy with friends or family - and tell us how it was!

Our most popular dishes

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Properly Healthy

Feeling well starts with eating well, so Farmstand meals are internationally inspired and nutritionally dense.

Each meal is a separate, flexible main, base and side to fill you up, fuel you with steady energy and put a smile on your face (all without any added sugar that you'll find in 80% of food that’s delivered today).

Rated Excellent 4.8 / 5
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Super smart

Farmstand is simple but revolutionary. We combine bulk buying high-quality sustainable ingredients + subscription model + batch cooking + vacuum sealing (a pro-chef secret).

That’s how we deliver incredible taste and quality, in a tiny footprint, with zero waste. It’s the future of food.

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Cooked and delivered fresh each week

Useful questions answered

How does the meal plan work?

First, you'll choose how often you want deliveries – weekly or every 2 weeks – then choose your meals.

We'll deliver each Monday on your schedule unless you pause, skip or cancel your subscription. You can do this online in your Farmstand account.

You're also able to change the number of meals you receive and which dishes you've chosen.

Because we cook all meals fresh-to-order each week, any changes do need to be made by Wednesday night 11:59pm before your next delivery.

When do you deliver my meals?


We’re still a small business and we’re designing our service to be as efficient and sustainable as possible. All our delivery vans are carbon neutral.

With that in mind, we currently deliver to all customers on Mondays. As we grow, we’ll expand this to more options.

How long do the meals last?

We cook your meals fresh, so each will last a minimum of 7 days from your date of delivery if kept in the fridge.  Once a pouch is opened, consume within two days. 

If you can't get through all your food in time, just pop the extra pouches in your freezer.

You can freeze your meals at any time within 7 days of delivery. You’ll need to heat them for a few extra minutes if cooking from frozen - though we recommend to fully defrost first and eat them as soon as they're defrosted.

"With economical lunch and dinner, this is wellness for all."

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