Healthy meals that fit your life (& fridge!)

£5 per meal | 5 minutes to heat
0 added sugar | 0 waste

We created a meal subscription business which helps our customers eat healthy in just 5 minutes, using the power of Sous-vide, a secret for Michelin star chefs around the world.

More space in your fridge, quick to prepare, cooked fresh every week at our central kitchen.

All of our 35 meals come in 3 invididual pouches: main + base + side. take just 5 minutes to prepare as you can see in our video.

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Choose your frequency, then choose your meals. Each meal is for one person, at just £5/meal, with a 5-meal minimum per delivery.

More about our food

Next time you peel the film back on a Frozen Tray of Disappointment, ask yourself — how was it made?

Farmstand looks different because we are different.

Made from good stuff

High quality and sustainably-sourced, from like-minded partners such as Yeo Valley, Meatless Farm and THIS.

Cooked by hand

Everything is batch-cooked to order and with care - no mass-produced freezer tray meals or added sugar here.

By people who care

Our michelin-starred chef and team co-create our recipes and co-own our business.

For people who love food

An ever-changing international menu without the carbon footprint, that can feed one or a whole crew.


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