Our mission is to make it easy for everyone to eat healthy no matter what your goals are.

We cook and deliver fresh, incredibly delicious, nutrient-dense meals that you can personalise, are affordable for all, are fast to make, have no added sugar and leave zero waste.

Take a stand
with Farmstand

The genius of the pouch

Vacuum sealed goodness, freshness and taste. A best kept secret in elite professional kitchens. Nothing is smaller and lighter to ship. Less room in your fridge. Top quality taste with tiny environmental footprint.


We hate waste—whether it’s food, money or excess packaging. Farmstand packs more food and nutrition into a radically smaller footprint than just about every food delivery option out there. Bonus: we pass the savings to you.

Farmstand is founded by Steven Novick who is a cancer survivor and grew up working-class in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Beating cancer made Steven passionate about food + the environment. And growing up working-class made Steven appreciate affordability + convenience.

Fighting food waste

The UK bins 10 million tonnes of food each year—making food waste a huge deal. Farmstand is designed for zero food waste through our entire supply chain, all the way to your table.

Nothing to landfill

We take a stand against over-branding and over-packaging. The colour is on the inside the box not on the outside. Our compact hand-stamped boxes and pouches go in the recycling, whilst the insulation and ice-packs can be returned for reuse.

Take a stand from your desk or dinner table

We’re changing the way the world gets meals delivered. Earth’s first build-your-own meal delivery service. For home kitchens, office kitchens and even delivery-only kitchens. Fully prepared healthy, personalised meals for all, with zero waste

Radical transparency

We’re not perfect (and we never will be). We are always trying to do better. We make real commitments and actually do them: Certified B-Corp, Certified Net Zero Carbon (pending), Certified Living Wage Employer. We are all co-workers and 100% own equity. We recruit based on our values and guarantee a zero gender pay gap.

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