Here's how Farmstand works

Step 1 - Choose your meals

From 35 dishes, with plenty of plant-based options as well as sustainably

sourced meat & fish for our flexitarian friends, all at the £5 price mark.

Each meal comes in 3 individual pouches: main + base + side.

So you can also mix & match with create-you-own meal and over 1000 combinations.

2- Heat them up

Heat your meal in 5 minutes. All you need is one ring (on your stove - we're not talking about Lord of the Rings), one pan and a pair of tongs (or 3 minutes in a microwave if that’s what works for you).

3 - Eat & energise

Enjoy the delicious meals and the good, steady energy they give you—then go out and use it to take on the world!

4 - Return & Recycle

Wash & then pop the pouches in the recycling bin and return everything else to us for re-use. You can return your packaging using this link here.

5 - Refer friends!

Give £20 to get £20.

Login to your account and share your unique link with as many friends as you can. Each month we reward the customer with the highest referrals with a free box.

You could be next!

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How To: Return & Recycle


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