We're taking a Christmas break

They say a change is as good as a rest, and both sound pretty good to us. 

With two bank holiday weekends and disruptions to routines over Christmas, many Farmstanders have chosen to pause deliveries over the holidays. At the same time, our tiny, hardworking team needs a break.

For that reason, our last delivery of the year will be on Monday 20th December. Farmstand will then take a well-earned break, ready to start delivering again on Monday 10th January 2022.

New customer?

You can continue to join us at anytime and we'll deliver your first box of Farmstand meals on Monday 10th January.

Existing customer?

If you have an order scheduled, you’ll receive it Monday 20th December, so fill up that box with favourites to tide you over the season!

There’s nothing that you then need to do - we will manage your subscription over Christmas, with your next renewal payment being on Thursday 6th January (unless you have an existing pause which is scheduled to restart after this date, in which case that will stay in place).

After this, your normal schedule will resume automatically.


What if I want to pause for longer?

You can do it by logging in and accessing your account here. Click “manage”, then “pause” - Please set your renewal date as the Thursday before your next Monday delivery (If you’ve already paused for longer, you don’t need to do anything).

What if I don’t want to pause?!

Remember our food freezes beautifully, so simply double up your last order of the year to see you through. (With uncertainty ahead again this Christmas, a little extra Farmstand flexibility in the freezer might not be a bad idea!)

What if I want to change my menu?

Go right ahead here. Click “manage” then “edit” - Your selections will carry over to the new year, unless you make changes beforehand (we’ll send you a reminder as usual).

We hope we’ve answered all your questions but if not, do get in touch at team@eatfarmstand.com


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